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Love to learn - Skillshare class now live

I always wanted to share my love of art and design with others, and have been considering joining the ranks of Skillshare teachers for a few years now, but something reached out to me when I received an email about their Spring Teach Challenge this May. Now was my time.

There's literally hundreds of classes I could teach, as my passion for art and design, as well as my practical nature lends itself to learning, but I decided to start small and manageable and so my class, the first in The Creative Yearbook series, was born. Creative Sketchbook Practice with Mixed Media was a work of passion, sometimes, exhaustion, frustration and love. Hopefully it shows!

The class project - to create a sketchbook spread based around your favourite place - encourages intuitive and organic creative processes, gaining skills and gatehring materials, creating mood boards and then passionately throwing your art on the page, and is hopefully one that brings joy and encourages future projects to be more spontaneous and joyful than carefully planned and curated.

The learning curve was steep, having never before created animated graphics, edited a full video on iMovie with voiceover and music, and putting it all together in record time, it was tough, but what an achievement! I'm already planning ideas for a new series of classes, and I think I' must have well and truyly caught the bug. Financially, I have no idea how much this will revenue stream will be of value, but it was fun to produce, and a great way to share my skills and knowledge with others in this uncertain time, so valuable both to my well being and others.

If you'd like to watch the class for free, click this link, and sign up for a premium membership. This link will give you full access to my class and hundreds of others for two full months, and if you decide Skillshare is not for you, simply cancel before the two months is up, and no payment will be taken.

Sounds too good to be true? I assure you it isn't, and Skillshare is such a wealth of incredible learning opportunities, I'm sure you'll want to continue your access for a little while longer!

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