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Recolouring is as good as a rest...

Exploring Adobe Illustrator's recolour artwork tool gives a new lease of life to forgotten work.

Ever created some artwork and for some reason it just continues to be pushed aside? You're not sure what's wrong with it, but you're just not feeling it. Last year I created a collection, which, on the surface, I was pretty happy with, but whilst I should have been showing it off, something was stopping me.

This week I took another look. I've been through a bit of a re-design here at P&M HQ, and a new colour palette for my branding emerged, which encouraged me to take a look at some of my older works and see what would make the cut for the new website.

Adobe Illustrator's Recolour Artwork tool to the rescue!

English Hedgerow gets a new, cool palette

When I designed English Hedgerow, I had in mind pastel, warm colours and stayed pretty true to life. My designs were in their infancy at the time, and my confidence as a designer was not yet shining through in my work. It was one of the most complex patterns I'd created, and whilst I liked it, it wasn't quite 'there' in terms of the design work I was seeing on social media.

Grabbing a new palette, and the fabulous 'recolour' tool on Adobe Illustrator, it has gained a new lease of life and is now featured in the gallery of recent work on my portfolio.

So, if you're struggling to get a pattern just right, just try a palette you'd never have tried, and see the magic happen.

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