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Who am I...

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Hi, I'm Jo.

I'm a pro photographer by trade, something I did for over 20 years, then, following the birth of my two children,

I decided to make a change.

Listening to the voice in your head that demands you follow your passions is a hard thing to do, but I was determined not to ignore it a second longer. And here I am.

Painting is my true love. Putting brush, pen, pencil or nib to paper and creating is as much a part of me as my kids are. I am deeply inspired by nature, the world's only true artist, and I draw from my senses when I'm in and surrounded by it. Every design is unique, created by hand, and full of soul and love.

My Why...

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There's always been an artist lurking inside me, but after 20 years photographing weddings, and working as a picture editor, I decided it was time to let her out. 

Watercolour is my passion, there's something so beautiful about watching the colours merge together, the magic of the water carrying the paint across the paper, and to combine that with ink, collage, and digital magic, fuels my passion, and feeds my creativity daily. 

I create art from the things I love, nature, flowers, and food. 

Most of all, I create for my kids. They love to join in on a creative project, and can often be found next to me, dipping their paintbrushes into my paints, and showing me their latest creations. If not to inspire your children, then why? 

All my work is available for licensing, and I'm always looking for exciting projects to take part in, or taking commissions for the right client. 

I'm also passionate about delivering art for well being programs into the community, be it workplaces, schools or private retreats, I believe that art for self care is a hugely important thing, and I'm developing my programs all the time. If you're interested in a session, workshop or retreat for your workplace, school or even for yourself, drop me a line. 

If you're interested in working with me, just drop me a line. I'm also seeking representation too, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you think we're the right fit. 

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