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Feelings of Isolation

What a strange time it is. I don't think that any of us truly understood the magnitude of the effect that the Covid-19 virus would have on our country. It's been an overwhelming time, with many of us isolated from those we hold nearest and dearest, and not having access to the things we've taken for granted almost all of our lives.

But in amongst all this uncertainty, there is an uprising. A hope that we have collectively. A need for love and appreciation in all that we hold dear, and a deep gratitude for all that we have. What a welcome side effect.

For years we have, as a nation, and a whole world society, taken this planet for granted. We've not paid it the attention it desperately deserved, and now we are being given a second chance to appreciate it wholly and fully. I'm not just talking about the devastating environmental impact the human race has had on our globe. That's enough in itself, but I'm talking about the effect of consumer society, of fast and disposable, of ingratitide and contempt on our personalities and values. Our culture has become horribly throw-away, and that has, perhaps unintentionally, extended to our treatment of both people and nature.

So what will we learn from this global pandemic? It will be different for every one of us, I'm sure.

For me, it is the deep appreciation of the relationships I have and hold dear. Those with my family, from whom I am currently separated.

Those relationships with the friends who I may see daily or yearly, but who have a huge impact on my happiness, wellbeing and ability to thrive on the things that we have in common.

It is also not to underestimate the importance of stability in my life. This comes in two parts, the financial stability that I simply must ensure once the opportunity to earn money arises again, and the ability to provide both emotional and life stability to my children, my reasons for doing everything I do, and those whom I wish to grow into caring, emotionally aware, balanced humans, who wish to do better than the generation before them. I will try and put these changes into everything I do when our world gets back to normal, whatever normal is now.

Any change is enough. I truly believe that changing one thing for the better about your life will have huge impact in the long run. This situation we find ourselves in is most definitely a marathon, and not a sprint, so use those 26 long miles wisely, and find out what it is that you can change to invoke something amazing in your life.

Sending you all love and positivity in these diffcult times. We will get through the other side of this, and it will be beautiful if we make it so.


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