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English Hedgerow

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Birds 2019-06.png


As a child I spent much of my time at my Grandparent's farmhouse in Hambledon village on the South Downs. Surrounded by countryside, their spacious garden was a place of comfort, play, inspiration and fun.

Our country lane walks were a highlight of our stays with our Grandparents. A walk up the winding tracks to the lambing yard to see Grandad at work, collecting bags of grain to take home and play with. I developed a fascination with the hedgerow plants and flowers, with there always being so much to see, whatever the season, whatever the weather. Hawthorn, roses, snowdrops bluebells, rosehips, various vines and intertwining foliage, it all tangled together in harmony, and provided such beautiful colours. Along with the birds flocking to the fields behind, finding treasures after the plows have gone. These plants and birds are the inspiration behind the English Hedgerow collection, I hope you love them as much as I do.

English Hedgerow is now available to license.

For full access to my licensing portfolio, please contact me using the form on this site, or email to

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