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My Work

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Nature has always been such an inspiration to me. Colours, shapes, intricate and delicate forms and structures. Magic in the making every single day. A raindrop on a veined leaf, a sheer petal dsiplaying it's natural watercolour finish. It's all just an abundance of inspiration everywhere you look. My work has a botantical theme, and I use watercolour, pen and ink and pencil sketches to produce my pieces, sketching ideas before developing them into finished works.

Recent work

I started my surface design business in late 2016. A journey full of art and mark making, which led me to create the patterns I adore to make today. I also run a graphic design business alongside, Grey Card Creative, which allows me to help other businesses make their mark on the world, and utilises my skills in design and Adobe Illustrator, helping me to keep up to date with my learning in all things technical.

In my spare time, I walk in the countryside with my family, and soak up inspiration wherever I find it. I am currently working on a new collection inspired by my Grandparent's countryside home, where I spent a great deal of my childhood, and which formed my close connection the natural world around me. This will be available for licensing in the near future.

I also utilise my designs in wedding and event stationery in my sister company, The Honeysuckle Press, and write about my adventures as a creative entrepreneur, mum and nature lover in my blog, The Creative Yearbook, both of which can be found on this site.

Surface Pattern Design English Hedgerow

English Hedgerow

Stars and Stripes Collection-03.png

Stars & Stripes

For full access to my licensing portfolio, please contact me using the form on this site, or email to

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